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February 2013: Our Plans are to Leave for Uganda in April

February 2013: Our Plans are to Leave for Uganda in April

[Above photo is taken near Jinja, Uganda looking over Lake Victoria]

“So, when are ya’ll leaving?” – It’s a question we are asked often. We appreciate the interest and the opportunity for us to give an update about what is happening.

The quick, surface level answer is, “We’re waiting for our house…to either sell or rent.”

The answer is truthful and is part of our reality, but it only addresses what is happening at the visible level. What is happening at the invisible (faith and grace) level? What are the deeper issues? Are we not called to walk at this deeper level?

When faced with problems we tend to respond with a “do” or “work” answer, such as, “Did you try this?”

In contrast, I believe the appropriate response would be, “Done! The house has sold or rented. Thank you, Lord. Now, what do You want me to do to walk in obedience of that reality?”

Listen. Wait. Hear. Respond in faith and obedience. I believe the surface issues (what can be seen) would not cause Jesus to be anxious. Why? Because of a God-inspired promise the prophet Isaiah recorded, “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.”

The deeper answers in life depend on grace. I once heard that a Christian is to live by breathing in grace and exhaling obedience. That makes so much sense.

How does a person live by the means of grace through a time of waiting? I must say, we cannot do it in our power. It is only by God’s grace and strength that this can happen. So we go to Him.

At a Student Life summer camp a couple of summers ago, JR Vassar said, “grace-empowered effort is ‘I’m working from (emphasis mine) God’s favor.’ Some of us perceive a relationship with God as one life-long audition. But it’s not an audition, it’s an adoption.”

We cannot live by grace until we believe we have received God’s grace. Our relationship with God recognizes my weaknesses and failures, but still confidently seeks strength from God based on His perfect sacrifice of Jesus in order to exhale obedience. The Christian goes back to Jesus because his mind is stayed on Him.

What’s Been Happening With Us?

►The entire family got our immunizations in January.

►Our girls turned 18 and got their drivers licenses!

►Our girls also graduated from home school High School in December! Michelle threw a party for them in January. They plan to go to Africa with us.

►My position at Grace Community Church was to be completed on February 11th. However the person I was training got a better job offer in Asheville. So the Personnel Committee will decide what to do.

►We met with our realtor this week to discuss renting our home, and lowered our sell price by $10,000. If not sold by March 1st, we will rent our home.

►Our car is no longer ours. Title has been transferred!