“Clear the Stage”

A friend of mine shared a song, “Clear the Stage” with me today. It seems to go along with the post, “Do You Ever Want More?” so I added the song link at the end of the post.
Great song, and lyrics are awesome. Post is below.

6 responses to ““Clear the Stage”

  1. Margaret Fretwell

    Wow, what a good word in that song. I’m afraid I’m guilty of creating and keeping many idols lately. I seem to be struggling to get back to focus on God first. The busyness of life has taken over – poor excuse..

    Thanks for your insight both in the post and the song – very much appreciated!

    Hope you have/had a great Monday!


  2. Wow that is a great song and blog post! Mark-you have a wonderful ability to think deeply & get it out on paper! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Man, we miss seeing the Wise faces-feels like you guys have been gone much longer! We would love to FaceTime you sometime-what is the time difference? It would be great to see & chat! Let’s see if we can work that out. May God Bless each of you!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Sue. We miss you all, too, and think of you often.

      FaceTime would work. Our next free time would be this Saturday in the afternoon for us and morning for you guys. We are 7 hours ahead of you all. So we could talk any time after 2:00 pm Saturday our time, which would be any time after 7 AM your time. I’ll private message you.

  3. Anita Stevens

    Thank you for this good word today! I have struggled with understanding what or who is exactly an idol in my life and this song really clarifies the answer to the question. Thanks for the blog and keeping us updated.

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