Samuel Loses His Mother

It is with heavy heart that I update you about Samuel, the young pastor I met in May and wrote about on my blog here, “They were…slain…”  I just hung up the phone with Samuel and he is so overwhelmed.  His mother just died about an hour ago.

Samuel had asked if I could come by and see him this past week.  So I had stopped by to check on him at his job as security guard at the place we stayed after first arriving in Uganda.  He and I talked for a little less than an hour.  He said his mother had fallen and the doctors had found cancer.  He had other pressures of life hitting him, too.  Yesterday he called to say they were taking her in for surgery and asked me to pray.  I was on the way to Kampala on a bus, but assured him I would pray.  He visited with her at the hospital today, left for the night to come home and they called him to let him know that she had died.

The pressure on Samuel is heavy at this time and he needs your prayers and would appreciate them.  He has now lost both parents in less than 3 months of each other.  He told me he sold land in order to pay his mom’s hospital bills and his dad’s funeral, along with normal expenses.  Many pastors here do not have income from being a pastor; they have to work, which Samuel does.

I plan to stop by tomorrow (Saturday) when Michelle and I go into town, but he was unsure if he would be at work.  I may not be able to see him until he returns from the funeral.  Your prayers are appreciated for him.

One response to “Samuel Loses His Mother

  1. Susan Salladin

    So very sorry to hear this-please let him know we are praying!

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