Work Permit Approved!

Earlier this past week my 2-year work permit was approved by the Ugandan government.  This allows me to stay in the country until we leave, probably at the end of next year (2014).

Bugembe Michelle

Michelle singing and dancing with the kids at church.

On Wednesday this past week Joshua and I travelled to Kampala to pay for the permit and leave my passport and Joshua’s passport with the government until tomorrow.  Tomorrow (Monday) I travel back to Kampala to pick up both our passports – his is a 1-year student pass, the max the government will give him. I will apply for 3 dependency passes for Michelle and the girls tomorrow while I’m in Kampala.

Bugembe Brittany

Brittany with kids outside Recovery Ministry in Bugembe.

In other updates, our family was invited to a neighbor’s church today, Recovery Ministries Uganda.  The neighbor (Pastor Mutekanga) asked me to speak for the sermon time.  This is a small, but vibrant African church in the town of Bugembe (Boo gahem bay), which is near the house we rent.  The entire family attended the service, as well as a special friend of our daughter Alexis, Andrew Olson.  Andrew leaves tomorrow to return to the States for seminary.  We were then invited to the pastor’s home, where his wife, Janet, served a delicious stew with rice, chapatti (grilled flat bread), and pineapple.  It was one of the best Bugembe Mark 2meals we’ve had since being here.

The week altogether was busy.  Other activities grabbed my attention this week, but perhaps I can write about those later.  This week I would appreciate prayer for my trip to Kampala, a monthly presentation I’m giving Wednesday to a group of about 30 pastors, and a Bible study I’m holding on Friday for teens of the church we attended today.

Alexis Bugembe

Alexis with children outside the church in Bugembe

Thanks so much for your prayers, love and support!

2 responses to “Work Permit Approved!

  1. Sounds exciting – you all are often in our thoughts and prayers, we miss you all and know that God is doing great things there in Uganda… wondering what ‘special friend’ means 😉 hope all yall are well. God bless!

  2. Great news on the work and school permits! I hope all goes well on your return trip to Kampala, your presentation and Bible study this week. Sounds like things area going well – praise God!

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