Wises Update – November 3rd

Just a brief update since most of you received our October newsletter last week.  This past Tuesday, I began teaching English to 18 local pastors at Uganda Baptist Seminary.  This is a 3-week course (like the 3-week course I taught at Western Youth in Morganton for 2 years), but these folks are so friendly – and humble, with an interest in learning.  The class is 6 days a week for 1 1/2 hours.  This gives me an opportunity to teach, which I enjoy doing.

I also visited a newly planted church today in a nearby small town.  This was its 3rd Sunday and a young man was saved.  You should see the smile on his face.  He is going to change his name to a Christian name.


Total (almost total) solar eclipse in Africa today at 5:22 pm (9:22 am EST). Photo by Jen Recotta Photography (Jen is a friend of ours who attends our Home Bible studies)!

Just before the church began, nearly 60 people made decisions to accept Jesus in a highly concentrated non-Christian area.  I thought this may be a good opportunity for discipleship to new believers, so I visited.  The leadership there seem capable.  So we’ll see how it goes.

Eclipse Lookers

Tamara Boone with the kids looking at the total solar eclipse through x-rays (thanks to Anna & Patrick). Photo by Jen Recotta Photography. Thanks!

Finally after our Sunday afternoon Bible study this evening we got to watch a total solar eclipse from about 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.  That was neat.  The last one I remember seeing was the summer (June) of 1984 about 11 am in Morganton, NC.  That day I never dreamed my family and I would be living in Africa nearly 30 years later.  God sees things much differently than we do and leads us in ways we do not expect – all for His glory.  Take some time to see what He wants you to do.

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