Good Samaritan Clinic


Enid’s Good Samaritan Clinic and Pharmacy

Here are photos of Enid’s Good Samaritan clinic that we visited on Saturday.  Joshua stands in front of the sign.  “Eddwarliro” is the word for “hospital” in the Luganda language.  The clinic has two rooms in the back with two beds in each room where assistance can be provided to patients.  In the photo Enid, Michelle and Alexis are in front of the clinic.


Enid caring for a baby with malaria.

A four-month old child was in the clinic with a case of malaria when we visited.  Enid said the child presented with convulsions from malaria the night before and was on IV medicine.  The child was initially sleeping when we arrived and when we came back through, she had woken up.  Though crying a bit and hot, she was doing much better this morning and was responsive to Enid’s voice.

Enid is from Uganda and has had connections with Equip in Marion and Canada for a number of years.  Each month she takes a 3 1/2 to 4-hour taxi ride from her home to Jinja for our team meeting and then returns in the afternoon.  It seems she almost always has a smile and something to talk about.  If you’re around her for any amount of time, you’ll learn she is a woman of prayer.


Enid and a staff member in the pharmacy.

As we traveled from her home to the clinic (about 1 kilometer), we passed three private schools.  She and her staff will visit neighboring schools to check on students.

Enid is well-respected in the community and at the larger nearby hospitals.  It’s a blessing to have her ministering with the hands of Jesus to those in need.

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