Update on Accident #2, Boda Driver

Followed up early this afternoon by making a visit to the hospital here in Jinja to visit the boda driver who was hit by a van in front of us last week (see story at 2 Accidents This Week).  I have not shared his name because of privacy and the fact that our visiting and his responses could lead to possible harm to him due to his profession of faith in Jesus.  I just want to be safe.

We last visited Saturday when he was still in pain and vomiting, though he had improved and was receptive to prayer, anointing, reading of Scripture and our visit.

When Andrew and I walked in today, both the boda driver and his roommate were sitting up.  When both saw us, both had a big smile and both extended their hands for very warm handshakes.  The boda driver showed us his injuries, which over the weekend had healed quite nicely.  He had no more vomiting, no more pain.  The deep cuts looked incredibly good.  His roommate was sitting on the side of the bed – this was the first time we had seen him sitting up – and clearly on the mend.

Both men were so thankful – they allowed us to read more Scripture, pray, and shook our hands at least 3 times each (all with big smiles).  And both were going home from the hospital today!  Praise God!  Jesus is AWESOME.

It is such an encouragement to see when this kind of healing happens.  It’s not as often as I would like, but it is so encouraging!  These men and their families were simply ecstatic when we left and wanted to share their phone numbers with us.  The one man said he wanted us to come to his house later.  The most important thing is that God is glorified and that these men and their families put their trust not in healing, but in the free gift of God’s Son, Jesus.  One professed to be a believer last Friday.  Now both profess to be believers, and the one that believed before seems to have had his faith strengthened.  It is my prayer God will continue to strengthen both of them in their faith and walk with Him.

2 responses to “Update on Accident #2, Boda Driver

  1. Awesome, just awesome! I prayed for you and your family this morning. I hope it’s a great week for you there!

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