Daily Archives: October 27, 2013

Building Blocks of the Kingdom

On Friday (25th), we completed six months here in Uganda!

This past summer I was invited by a local pastor (Jabel) to share a devotion with about 20 or so pastors here in the Jinja area at their monthly micro-finance meeting.  The presentation is just over an hour.  The pastors are giving great Building Blocksfeedback and I enjoy this kind of teaching and interaction.  They seem to enjoy it, too.

The topic I was led to present is what I call, “Essential Building Blocks of the Kingdom” – laying the foundation of a life structure with the purpose of glorifying God; Jesus being the chief cornerstone.  Since July we have covered the weightier, foundational topics of truth, trust, stewardship and this past week, humility (not an easy one).  We plan to continue with other key topics, too.

Something I learned during the humility presentation was, “Distance ourselves from our daily practice of religion by turning our hearts (a cup and vessel empty and void) to the Lord Jesus that He may secure His presence, His fullness in our lives by abiding in and yielding to Him.  Then, and only then, will the world begin to see God.”

Tomorrow is a Bible study for young college-age men and administrative work for Equip.

A couple other discipleship opportunities have opened up this past week, which I may be able to share later on.  Brittany joined our church’s worship team, and she is enjoying that ministry.  Your prayers for safety and protection for our Equip team are much appreciated.